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-I require a $400 nonrefundable, non-transferable retainer on all appointments. If you are booking for a multiple session tattoo the deposit will come off the cost of the final session. This can be paid in person or over the phone with credit/debit card.

Deposit will be forfeited if:

-The artist is given less than a 48 hour notice for cancellation or rescheduling.
-Rescheduling more than once. 
-Being more than 30 minutes late for an appointment without notification (at this point we will consider you a no call, no show and have already filled your slot).
-No call, no show
-Major changes to the design with less than 48 hours notice. (Including design, size, placement)
-Even with a 48 hour notice, we reserve the right to reschedule the appointment, and in this case, your deposit will be honored. This will be considered as your one reschedule.
-Showing up intoxicated, under the influence of any controlled substance, sunburnt, or any other issue that prevents us from doing our job safely and adequately.

-Due to wait times, it is also recommended that you schedule several appointments in advance (if your tattoo will be done in multiple sessions). This will prevent you from waiting months to get back into the studio. We all hate unfinished work.

-It is our general policy to NOT send any designs out of the studio, in any form. No email, text, dm etc. If you'd like to see a design prior to your appointment date, you can contact your artist or stop in to the studio. Please be aware that due to the shops high volume, your artist may not complete your design until a few days prior or even the night before your appointment date.

War Horn Tattoo works hard to provide our clients with the best tattoos available in Alaska. It is assured that I take both our clients and the quality of our work very seriously. I appreciate your business and the trust you place in me. Thank you.  

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